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Who Needs an Executive Coach?

Who needs a coach who hasn’t actually experienced the jungle of the C-suite? Who needs a coach who is going to feed you the management theory you already know?

As Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at dtac, and before that as Executive Vice President at TMB Bank and GE, what struck me is how many people are their own worst enemy. They’ve received plenty of training, but they still haven’t pushed themselves to the next level. Why isn’t coaching working for them?

They lack strategy. Strategic vision isn’t about being more positive and acting more confident. It’s a razor sharp plan you can only build with a mentor coach who understands the workings of an organization at its highest levels, and across all its functions.

Coaching matters. You’ll need the attitude and the personal brand to get others to want to fight for you and build things with you. But mentoring matters even more. If your vision is weak, don’t count on charisma alone to build you a loyal following.

I’ve worked in international organizations. I’ve built brands for organizations 10,000 strong. And now I want to mentor bright people to reach their full potential. If you’ve given up on coaching but not on your career, let’s have a chat.




Who do you want to be? How do you want to be seen? A typical coaching course may fulfill the prior, while a public speaking course, the latter. Personal Executive Development goes beyond either of these solutions, to deliver a personalised, deeply meaningful self-development process, that resonates with who you are, and who you want to be, from the inside out and the outside in.

Personal Executive Development comes from years of my own experience in managing teams and developing brands in the fields of banking, telecoms, communications, consultancy, the arts, and more, with a methodology that combines coaching with mentoring to achieve all that you can be in your life. We will look at how you present your brand and its impact on your positioning to reach your personal and corporate goals.


Chief Corporate
Affairs Officer

Jun 2016 – Sep 2017


Responsible for regulatory, legal, government relations, communications, ethics & compliance and corporate responsibility & sustainability.

EVP Corporate Brand & Communications

2008 - June 2016


Responsible for Corporate Branding, Branded Customer Experience, Strategic Commucations, Internal Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility

SVP Corporate Affairs

2005 - 2008

GE Capital


BA Political Science

1993 – 1997

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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